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How Does Mindfulness Affect Addiction Treatment?

Mindfulness As An Addiction Treatment Mindfulness is an addiction therapy that is proving to be successful at preventing relapse, and that can be integrated into other treatment programs.  It is something that can learned and performed anywhere.  One of the reasons mindfulness may contribute to sobriety is that it provides a healthy way to deal with […]

Do You Have Addiction Interaction Disorder?

Addiction Interaction Disorder Many people with a sexual addiction also experience one or more other addictions or compulsive behaviors. And if they don’t have another addiction co-occuring with the sex addiction, the other addiction(s) can occur once the sex addiction has been stopped. These addictions can interact or replace each other, and “fuse” together. This […]

How to Overcome Feelings of Shame and Unworthiness Through Mindfulness and Compassion?

You Are Enough Too many people have a profound sense of being insufficient or unworthy in some way–of being broken, flawed, or different from others.  This feeling of shame or unworthiness can trap people in social, spiritual, physical and psychological disease.   People feel not they made a mistake, but that they are the mistake, not […]

How Does Your Prefrontal Control Relate To Internet Addiction?

The following article is a summary of the review paper entitled, “Prefrontal control and Internet addiction: a theoretical model and review of neuropsychological and neuroimaging findings” by Brand, Matthias, Kimberly Young and Christian Laier, as published 27 May 2014 in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience*: While many people have control over their Internet usage […]

The Dangers of Child Screen Addiction

American parents should take a warning from what is happening in China. Doctors over there consider internet addiction a clinical disorder. Chinese children may spend months in a rehabilitation center for their addiction. Parents in the U.S. often use electronic devices, whether television or a smart phone, to occupy and entertain their children. Some of […]

Are You Using These Free Therapies For Sex Addiction Treatment?

Free Therapies: Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Sex addiction is a complex issue.  Effective treatment can require a variety of techniques and therapies.  Practicing self-compassion and mindfulness are two therapies that can help you in your recovery.  They are free, and you can start practicing them right away. Focus on Breathing:   In mindful breathing, you simply […]