7 Powerful Things You Can Try to Help You Battle Depression and Anxiety

September 21, 2021

It's everywhere you turn; from tv to social media, our minds are being flooded with negativity, distress, and turmoil. Maybe you feel a sense of anger or frustration with friends or family who have a different point of view. On the contrary, you may feel helpless as you see all the sorrow taking place around the world. As a result, you may be experiencing feelings of depression and anxiety.

Topics such as COVID-19, Afghanistan, natural disasters, and politics can instantly lead to physical and emotional reactions. As a result, you may find yourself anxiously waiting for what might happen next. Symptoms of depression and anxiety may be setting in, although you may not realize it. For example, they can leave you feeling trapped in a sort of an indescribable funk. If you can't seem to escape the heartache, grief, and turmoil, what can you do? As depression or anxiety begin to take over, how can you reclaim a sense of security, hope, or peace?

Let's talk about depression and anxiety. We'll highlight 7 things you can begin to do today that may help you combat the storms of life.

Understanding Depression and Anxiety

Life changes can cause distress under the best of circumstances. However, when it seems to be one thing after another, you may begin to feel the weight of the world resting on your shoulders. Over time, your day-to-day responsibilities may feel harder and harder to accomplish. Why? What you see and the way you process it all can impact how you get by day after day.

The negativity and heartache you're experiencing may begin to impact your physical and mental health. Depression and anxiety are real. Regardless of whether you're genetically predisposed to them or not, you can develop symptoms.

Depression and anxiety are among the most common mental health issues. However, that doesn't mean they're easy to live with. Both can disrupt your everyday life. Although the two are different, depression can lead to anxiety and vice versa. The good news is, both depression and anxiety are treatable.

Depression, by way of definition, is a constant feeling of sadness or hopelessness that lasts more than two weeks.

Symptoms of depression include:

  • anger
  • fatigue, no energy
  • intense, ongoing, or excessive feelings of sadness or hopelessness changes in appetite; weight loss, or weight gain
  • loss of interest in things you usually enjoy
  • unexplained body aches
  • thoughts of harming yourself or ending your life

Anxiety disorder is excessive worry regarding even ordinary situations. Likewise, the anxiety spills over into many areas of life. For example, you're not just worried about work. You're also overly concerned about finances, family life, your health, and so forth. Symptoms for a diagnosis of anxiety are ongoing and usually last at least six months. (aafp.org)

Symptoms of anxiety can include:

  • Feeling on edge or uneasy
  • Muscle tension
  • Interruption of sleep patterns
  • Fatigue
  • Unable to concentrate, lose your thoughts easily
  • Irritability

7 Things You Can Start Today To Help With Depression and Anxiety:

  1. Take time to feel and acknowledge your feelings.
  2. Share your feelings with a trusted friend or write in your journal. End your entry with a gratitude list. Shifting your focus to what you're grateful for can help brighten your thoughts.
  3. Watch movies or read books that exude kindness, empathy, and hope to help shift your mindset.
  4. Go for a walk outside, take a bath, or go for a drive. Put your phone away and turn on uplifting music.
  5. Meditate for at least five minutes every day. Deep breathing and clearing your mind for even a few minutes can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  6. Practice positive affirmations every day.
  7. Self-care. Sometimes pushing yourself to get out of bed and ready for the day can change your mood. Likewise, making good food choices and exercising may also help reduce symptoms.

Depression and anxiety are hard to escape from when they take over. This can lead to bigger issues. At Paradise Creek Recovery Center, we treat a variety of conditions. We understand the role depression and anxiety can play in addiction. As such, we aim to provide you with a "home station" as you make your journey to a healthier you. Call us today or visit our website to learn more.

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