Frequently Asked Questions

We are located in the Raft River Valley near Malta, a small town in south-central Idaho.
Paradise Creek desires to provide the treatment that is right for your clinical presentation and not what an insurance company or other third party payor believes we need to do, that is often financially based. As a result, we do not accept insurance. We can provide a document for you that identify all of the procedural codes that represent the treatment sessions you will have, along with their associated fees and your diagnosis. You can then submit this documentation to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.
We have a total of 8 bedrooms at Paradise Creek and each patient is assigned their own room. Our numbers can vary from 1 to 8 patients at any given time.
Patients will receive multiple individual psychotherapy sessions per week along with multiple group therapy sessions. There will also be numerous psycho-educational seminars, 12 step meetings, activity groups, music therapy and other therapeutic activities
We accommodate for any dietary restrictions you may have. We have a qualified nutritionist who approves our menus and makes sure meal accommodations are made.
Malta was chosen because of its isolated and serene area, and based on its location relative to recreational and outdoor opportunities.
Primarily, we treat sexual compulsivity disorders and other behavioral disorders; however, we are also equipped to treat co-occurring disorders such as substance abuse, depression, and anxiety.
Paradise Creek is not considered a Department of Corrections approved facility for sex offenders; however, we do admit patients who may be waiting trial and/or patients who need an extra dose of therapy before starting a DOC approved treatment facility.
Patients are admitted on Sunday afternoons. If an emergency admission is necessary, we can accept a patient any day of the week. Patients generally fly into Salt Lake City International Airport. We then provide a shuttle service from there to the treatment center
Your last week at Paradise Creek, we will contact your outpatient therapist (or one we would suggest) and set up an appointment to meet with you as soon as possible when you get home. This way we ensure a smooth transition into long-term outpatient therapy to continue your recovery. We will strongly recommend you continue to utilize the tools you will learn in relapse prevention and trust the process until the end.
Yes. While using secure video software we carry out couples/family therapy over the phone or computer. We additionally offer a family weekend where family and partners can come out and participate in face-to-face therapy from Friday evening to Sunday morning.
Please click on the following link which is a document of items to bring and contraband items: Addiction Center Client Packing Checklist

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