Discovering the Painful Relationship Between Infidelity and Addiction

September 21, 2021

Infidelity is when one breaks a commitment of trust with their partner. When it happens in the movies, we see people move through the process of the betrayal within an hour and a half's time. Yet, in reality, one may never heal. What drives a partner to a place where they'll break trust? What role, if any, does addiction play in infidelity?

An article by Psychology Today says that statistics regarding infidelity may be shocking. In fact, they say 57% of men and 54% of women admit to infidelity. A multitude of variables can contribute to what leads another to cheat or break their commitment. Among the list, research indicates addiction is a common denominator to adultery and vice versa.

Let's discuss the unhealthy relationship between addiction and infidelity.

What are Examples of Infidelity?

By definition, infidelity is the act of being unfaithful to a partner with whom there is a level of commitment and trust. Likewise, it can include both sexual and emotional encounters. However, what one couple defines as inappropriate behavior can differ significantly from another. As such, it's important to discuss and determine what cheating or infidelity may look like within your relationship.

The behaviors that can lead to a betrayal of trust can also vary. For example, many would consider the following actions as cheating:

  • Sexual relations (holding hands, kissing, etc.) outside of the relationship
  • Spending money on someone you may have or be developing feelings for, outside of the relationship
  • Offering emotional support to someone you're interested in, outside of the relationship
  • Withholding information or lying about activities with another person from your partner
  • Engaging with another to meet your sexual or emotional needs

There are many more circumstances that can lead to feelings of betrayal or rejection within a relationship. As such, it's a good idea to sit down with your partner and communicate your expectations to one another.

The Ugly Relationship Between Infidelity and Addiction

Lies and secrecy can quickly spiral out of control. Addiction seems to accelerate these behaviors. For example, porn and sex addictions can lead to infidelity. The problem with addiction is your brain builds up a tolerance to behaviors that lead to a release of endorphins. As a result, actions tend to become riskier in order to satisfy a craving. Over time, those actions could very well lead you to infidelity.

Addiction is when you're trapped in a cycle of behaviors you can't seem to escape, even if you want to. When triggers come, it may seem as though nothing else matters. As a result, you may find yourself engaging in sexual relations outside of your relationship and wonder how you've ended up in such a place. Although the road to healing and recovery is challenging, there is a way to turn your life around.

Ultimately, whether the betrayal is a deal-breaker or not will be something you and your partner decide. Keep in mind; there are many therapists who specialize in treatment for porn and sex addiction. Many also work with couples to help them through the painful process of healing after infidelity.

At Paradise Creek Recovery Center, we know the heartache and turmoil infidelity and addiction have on relationships. We're here to help you through the process of healing and recovery. Please, call us today.

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