Addiction Is Damaging My Relationship, How Might Treatment Help?

January 24, 2021

So, you've made the decision to seek treatment for your addiction. As such, you're ready to commit to doing whatever it takes to reach and maintain recovery. After a thoughtful process, you feel a long-term treatment center would be best. However, you can't help but wonder how thirty to forty-five days away might impact your relationship. Likewise, you have reservations about being away from home and work for that long. Could it be worth it?

Your relationship may be a big motivating factor behind your decision to seek help. For example, if a partner gives an ultimatum between the addiction and the relationship, many will choose the relationship.

Let's talk about the impact addiction can have on relationships. We'll also discuss why a long-term treatment program may be the key to healing, recovery, and repairing your relationship.

My Addiction and My Relationship

Porn and sex addiction can negatively impact your relationship in a variety of ways. Like any addiction, when intense urges hit, your need to respond takes priority over everything, even if you don't intend for it to do so. As such, your spouse, family, and work-life have likely suffered as a direct result of your addiction.

Porn or sex addiction is likely to negatively impact intimacy within your relationship. For example, you may need to view porn in order to enjoy sexual intimacy with your spouse. Likewise, your sex addiction may have led to infidelity or legal issues. Both can lead you into a fantasy world that leaves you with unattainable desires. As such, your addiction may be to blame for the dissatisfaction you feel within your relationship.

Often, addiction leads to lies and secrets, which damage trust within relationships. As a result, your relationship may be suffering due to broken trust. Your partner could be living with betrayal trauma.

The good news is there is treatment available to help end the painful and destructive cycle of addiction. With professional help, you may be able to heal and reach and maintain recovery.

Can Residential Treatment Help Save My Relationship?

Residential treatment may help you in a variety of ways. First, you will be in a safe environment where you can learn how to overcome addictive behaviors. Next, many facilities offer individual, group, and couples or family therapy. Instead of your addiction, you can shift your focus to healing within and repairing relationships. Through the process, you may find peace and hope as you begin to break free from the vicious cycle of addiction.

There are no guarantees that treatment can save your relationship. However, it may be the key to regaining control of your life. Many facilities teach 12-step programs and help to instill recovery principles along the way. As a result, when you're ready to return home, you'll have tools in place to help you maintain sobriety. After leaving a residential program, many benefit from seeking outpatient support. This step can help you continue to work toward healing and restoring trust within your relationship.

At Paradise Creek Recovery Center, we specialize in treating porn and sex addiction. We offer both thirty-one and forty-five day treatment plans to help set you up for a successful recovery. Likewise, we understand the importance of healing trust within the relationship. As such, our program includes couples therapy. We also set aside a specific weekend for your partner to join you if they desire to do so. Hope and healing can be yours through addiction recovery. Visit our website today to learn more.

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