3 Helpful Ways to Support Your Spouse Entering an Addiction Treatment Center

April 6, 2021

Without a doubt, having a loved one in an addiction treatment center can be a rewarding and challenging situation. Now will be a good time to begin working through your healing process. But, what else will be vital to you and your spouse's success?

Although you're aware of the difficult task at hand, you feel comfortable standing by your spouse through this process. So, what is your role as your spouse enters an addiction treatment center? Is there anything you can do that may increase the chances of a successful outcome?

In this article, we'll discuss your role as your spouse prepares to enter an addiction treatment center.

Going to an addiction treatment center requires a leap of faith that can be frightening.

When your spouse agrees to seek help, you may feel reluctant to celebrate. After all, you've had commitments that have led to relapse time and time again. As such, you may not allow yourself to get your hopes up.

Likewise, entering an addiction treatment center can be frightening and full of uncertainty. On the contrary, it may provide reason to feel hopeful and optimistic. After all, it's often said admitting that the addiction is controlling your life and you need help is the hardest step. So, taking the next step to do something about it is could be a sign that this time could be different.

What is your role in helping make the addiction center experience successful?

We often hear, "The only thing you can control is yourself." and it's true. Now, with your spouse in treatment, you can spend some much-needed time on you. For example, now would be a great time to embrace self-care and focus on the healing process for yourself and your family.

Next, it won't be hard for you to recognize old behaviors that could signal a relapse. With that in mind, determine what boundaries will need to be set and the consequences that will follow.

Finally, identify areas you can improve. This may include ways you can refine your communication skills. Likewise, it may be working on restoring your self-esteem or self-confidence. It could consist of finding a hobby that you enjoy or working on wholehearted healing. All of these can contribute to a successful outcome after your spouse leaves the addiction treatment center.

3 Ways to Show Support While Your Spouse is in an Addiction Treatment Center

A key component of recovery is a solid support system. Examples include online support groups, outpatient therapy, and family support.

Let's discuss 3 ways you can show support through the addiction treatment center program and at home.

Prepare a Plan

The risk of relapse is high after leaving an addiction treatment center. So, preparing clear boundaries and consequences is an important part of the relapse prevention plan. A plan that includes new routines may also be helpful. Your therapist may also provide ideas to include in your plan.

Participate in Their Rehabilitation.

Your spouse's addiction treatment center program likely includes family therapy sessions. An essential part of your partner's recovery will be your ability to help carry out a new way of life together. As such, both of you will need new tools and strategies to turn to as you move forward together.

By participating, you can learn what to expect after the addiction treatment center. You may also learn skills to help you learn how to offer support while also getting your needs met.

Gain understanding, clarity, and compassion.

Understanding can lead to compassion and empathy. Life before treatment was likely emotionally and physically exhausting. As a result, you may have built up feelings of anger and resentment, and understandably so. Therefore, your ability to work through your feelings can allow both of you to find compassion for each other. Empathy helps create an environment conducive to healing.

The task at hand is not an easy one. Supporting a loved one at an addiction treatment center has its challenges. At Paradise Creek Treatment Center, we incorporate family participation into our program. We understand the unique and vital role you play in your spouse's success. We look forward to working with both of you on this journey toward recovery.

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