To Those Who Suffer Addiction, May You Rebuild Your Lives, Gain Hope, and Heal

July 30, 2015

Paradise Creek Recovery Center is associated with The Institute for Research and Treatment of Addictive Disorders (IRATAD).  Here is a segment of their introductory blog post:

Our hope, dreams and desire is that we can aid those individuals and families that are suffering from the depths of addiction, to rebuild their lives, to gain hope for a better future and to heal from this devastating illness that holds them bound.  We want to disseminate information to the world that addictions are a brain disorder and have literally changed the way that the brain functions.  We wish to offer hope, through education and treatment, to all those suffering or who have loved ones suffering from an addiction, that healing is possible.

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About Paradise Creek Recovery Center

PARADISE CREEK RECOVERY CENTER treats sex and pornography addictions. If you would like help, please call now: (855) 442-1912.
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